Gooapple V5 3G (iphone 4s clone)

Introducing the Gooapple V5 3G

Historically the Chinese were highly noted for their inventions of Papermaking, printing, gunpowder and of course chopsticks. For many years they have been into duplicating others inventions from BMW’s to Rolex watches and selling them at a jaw dropping price to the public. In a market of mass production, lose patent/copyright laws and no enforcement anything goes. 90% of Chinas DVDs are pirated copies! But we aren’t here for a history lesson or moral views on protection of intellectual rights are we?

Shenzhen is the home of gadgets of all shapes and sizes, anything you want, you got it. But its biggest industry is the mobile market and its on a grand scale with over 1 billion cellphone users   in 2012 you can understand why. With an average income of 10k USD per year the Chinese general public don’t want expensive phones, they simply cannot afford them. This is where we come into big brand name  clones. Identical on the outside but quite different on the inside.

Say hello to the Gooapple V5 3G – The iphone 4s Clone from Shenzhen.


Don’t be scared it only eats apples 😉

Official Gooapple dealers (don’t buy from anyone else as they will be fake! (no pun intended):

Price @ $249 USD

Gooapple V5 3G – Quick Overview

– Retina screen as same as iPhone 4, 960*640 pixel
– Glass back cover, metal frame, can exchange with original iPhone 4
– Support GSM & WCDMA 3G network
– 512MB RAM / 512MB ROM, 8GB/16GB storage
– 5MP rear camera, 1.3MP front camera
– Support WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS
– Android 2.3 OS, iPhone UI, both UI inside

Now i’ve owned a few iphone clones in the past which were java based only, the home page looked like the iphone but the menus were generic ugly java which really killed the user experience, not to mention barely usable as a phone due to poor quality build. The Gooaple however is a totally different beast. Based on Android 2.3.6 it comes with a fully cloned iphone IOS UI ROM (even sub menus!) and is capable of flashing the standard android UI ROM. Although soem of the software is in Chinese you will find some nice full english ROMS here: I recommend Anexonel’s modified chinese rom V3 (working gps) (3g) for IOS UI, fast, full english and pre-rooted.

On the hardware front the body is the exact same as the iphones size\ dimensions with glass front and back and steel surround, all button\headphone locations are the same as the iphone 4s. Also the weight is the same so doesnt feel cheap! The chipset is feature rich at the economy end of the mobile market. It uses the MediaTek Mt6573 CPU @ 650MHz but can be overclocked up to 806MHz using an app from Googleplay called “MTK CPU-Control test” (overclock at your own risk!). This is an Arm v6 CPU. Even though the CPU isn’t great its been given a boast by the help of a GPU called PowerVR SGX 531 clocked @ 270MHz. This makes a big difference for playing games, very smooth and quick for all the standard mobile games like Grumpy Birds, ninja Fruit, need for speed but latest GTA edition fails to load, but GTA min specs are above that of this phone anyway so was expected.

The screen is using the original iphone 4s Retina Screen, very bright and detailed like the iphones, its a big selling point for this phone.

The battery is a little like the iphones, drains quickly and you need to charge it alot if your constantly using it. 2 hours playing games from full charge to 5 days standby with only txting. Not great and in my opinion one of the drawbacks, but looking at other smartphone reviews it appears to be a common issue. The Gooapple usually comes with a 3.7v 1040MAh li-ion battery although mine came with a 1420MAh battery, I’m not really sure of its really 1420Mah or if its a lie. There are a few different battery case solutions available for the iphone which will also work for the gooapple, like the mophie juice pack air:

Call quality on both sides of the conversation clear and loud. The iphone style phone dialer works great too along with google contact features.

The Wifi works fine if your in the same room as your wifi router or in a surrounding room. I strongly believe the messed up the wifi antenna design, I noticed they soldered the wifi antenna to the stainless steel surround, sounds like a good idea but doesn’t work well at all. The Android software wifi tweaks out there only relate to scan interval to save battery, possibly a wifi hardware mode will assist to increase the signal.

The GPS is a little hit and miss. Works fine for some users and not so well for other (like me). With a little messing around I can get A-GPS Satellites showing up in GPS test app however I believe my GPS antenna is also bad therefore not giving any signal for predicted satellites. My signal sits as zero for all Satellites  in view. I did write a tutorial on how to get GPS working on your Android phone and you will find it under the tutorial section of this blog. Some users @ XDA forum found it worked after a few key setup procedures. In the end I used my external bluetooth GPS, paired it with my phone and used the bluetooth GPS app from Goople play to get Google maps working. Works great and i’m sure it would be more accurate than a cellphone GPS, I’ll write a tutorial on how to do this soon and post it in my blog.

3G on the V5 3G is SPA+ 2100MHz WCDMA (not 900MHz) so you need to make sure your countries mobile provider supports this data connection method. Luckily for me New Zealand’s providers do support it it in the main citys, but switch to 900MHz moving away from the city. Speedtest showed me 4Mbps download and 2Mbps upload although the theoretical limit is alot higher I was able to browse the internet and watch youtube without any issues.

The Camera is 5MP back and1.3MP front with built in flashlight. I was surprised by the quality compared with my previous phones. Yes it is grainy when you zoom in but at a glance the images look clean sharp and very use as a phone camera and day to day pics/videos (which are of the same quality @ 720×480 / 30 fps / 127 kbs stereo audio).

source image:

The SD memory card, can be upgraded up to 32GB, to change you have to take off the back cover and remove the factory sdcard. You will need a iphone 4s screwdriver to remove the 2 screws at the bottom of the phone, then slide the cover upwards. 2 min job.

Accessories: The Gooapple phone comes with an iphone usb data cable / wall charger /iphone looking headphones(which are crap, better to buy some 3rd party FM compatible headphones) and Sim pin tool to insert your micro sim (same as iphones)

Check out this youtube video for a V5 3G quick review: 


The Gooapple V5 3G is a decent smartphone with plenty of features to keep you happy. Its fast enough for a standard phone user who wants to do a bit of everything, but not necessarily too focused on playing hardcore games which require high end processors. Bundled with Googles ecosystem there are plenty of apps to choose from in GooglePlay market. 3G may not work in every country to check before buying, if you dont need 3G look at the Gooapple V5(same phone without 3g). WIFI is a little weak but usable within range of router. GPS not great they need to work on fixing their antenna (possible I just got a bad phone,). Bluetooth works fine and audio quality is great from the speakers but headphones should be replaced if you listen to music alot. If you do alot of playing with apps then I suggest getting an extended battery case.  Overall I’m happy with the Gooapple V5 3G phone, yea its not a real iphone 4s but I didn’t buy it because of that, I bought it because i’m addicted2gadgets…


16 comments on “Gooapple V5 3G (iphone 4s clone)

  1. i just bought the gooapple v5 3g and it is amazing! My sister originally got one about 3 months ago and let me play on it for a few days. I then thought it was so good i got rid of my iphone 4 and got the gooapple. I would buy the gooapple v5 3g over the iphone 4 any time. Nice job gooapple!

    • Agreed, I loved mine (before I killed the screen and was unable to get a replacement!).. checkout the iphone 5 clones coming soon from Gooapple.. goophone-i5 (4-inch IPS screen with 1280*720 pixel display, and NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core processor, 1GB RAM, and 16GB storage (32GB is optional). Goophone I5 install Android 4.0 OS.) and goophone-i5-lite (Goophone I5 Lite owns a 4-inch FWVGA screen with 854*480 pixel display, and duad-core MTK MT6577 processor, 512MB RAM, and 8GB storage (16GB, 32GB is optional). Goophone I5 install Android 4.0 OS.). These things just keep improving!

    • If your thinking about getting one, keep an eye out for the updated goophone-i5 (4-inch IPS screen with 1280*720 pixel display, and NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core processor, 1GB RAM, and 16GB storage (32GB is optional). Goophone I5 install Android 4.0 OS.) and goophone-i5-lite (Goophone I5 Lite owns a 4-inch FWVGA screen with 854*480 pixel display, and duad-core MTK MT6577 processor, 512MB RAM, and 8GB storage (16GB, 32GB is optional). Goophone I5 install Android 4.0 OS.). These things just keep improving!

  2. my goo apple 4s flashes a android symbol when i charge it it was working fine but don’t what happen can any one tell me how i can fix it please

  3. i have gooapple on mediatek MT6573 b.b. chip , android 2.3.5 build on august 2012 and its rom is very low …it ‘s rom is of 256mb and i can not play games because of insufficient rom …. so can you tell me any solutions to solve this problem

  4. Hello, I just want to make an inquiry about how to change the APN settings for an IPhone 4s clone. Mine is a 1st class Android, based IPhone 4s clone from South Korea and run on 5.1 Android OS. I can’t find where to do the APN settings since it only can be visible under “Settings > General > Network > Mobile Networks” with four areas mention, that is, 1) Data enabled; 2) Data Roaming; 3) Access Point Names (APN) and 4) Network Operators. Unfortunately for me, under APN it can be tap open but it left blank space with no access to “fill in” any changes for any particular cell provider (manually) as sought. My question, is there any way how to do the APN settings using from the handset? Or is there any hidden button that I am not aware of? Kindly reply. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance

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